Why use Earthwool?

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Looking to improve the energy efficiency of your Melbourne home, or want to cut down on heating and cooling bills? Bargain Insulation offers the ultimate solution.

Installing insulation within your home is the most cost-effective way to ensure your home remains comfortable in both hot and cold weather. Not only does an insulated building retain heat during the cold winter months, it also keeps the heat out during summer, maintaining a comfortable, cool temperature indoors.

Proudly Supplying Earthwool® by Knauf Insulation

At Bargain Insulation, we supply and install top-of-the-range Knauf Earthwool® insulation at wholesale prices. Environmentally friendly with an innovative composition, Earthwool® is mostly comprised of recycled glass bottles that are recyclable again at the end of your building’s life.

Besides being free of artificial colours, phenol and formaldehyde, Earthwool® boasts sound absorbing and fire resistant qualities. The combination of these qualities results in an excellent insulating product that is perfect to install in floors, ceilings and walls.

Why Choose Bargain Insulation?

Our installers are all equipped with years of experience and possess expertise in all things insulation. We provide professional, reliable services to ensure that you’re well informed and satisfied with the finished product.

We also offer insulation products at wholesale prices, catering to professional builders as well as DIY enthusiasts. We provide free measures as well as a quote to ensure that there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises. Furthermore, we also offer next day delivery to all Metropolitan Melbourne locations.

When it comes to insulation services in Melbourne, there really is no more solid choice. Call  Bargain Insulation  today on 03 8555 4685, or email us at orders@bargaininsulation.com.au